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All you need to know about SUP

To start off the list, we're gonna go

straight to clothing.

If you want to make sure you keep warm in the northern temperature, the only thing to wear is a wetsuit. We bring suits, and t's optional for you to wear it.

If you prefere normal clothing while you're stand up paddeling, we recommand that you wear losse and streatchy. We have floating vests for you.

If it's a grey and cold day it will be comfertable to have a beanie and some gloves, and mabye a pair

of woolen socks.

Stand up paddeling for everyone!

Stand up paddeling suits everyone. Even kids can easily do this activity. It's easy to adapt to your experience level, and everyone will feel like thay are conqueering a new challenge!

Weather and wind conditions

We will have a handfull of different places around Bodo to go to depending on the direction of the wind. That makes it easy for us to adjust location for weather conditions. But there is allways a chance that we have to cancell. If that happens, we will offer you a different activity, or the whole payment back.

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