Hiking in the mountains up north!


It might be a nice summerday in the

city, icecream, sunglasses and all of that. So how bad could it be to just wear your shorts and a small backpack on your mountain hike?

Well.. this is northern Norway, and there is no such thing as summer temperatures on the top of the mountain.

Okey, that might be an exaggeration.

But there is a big chance you will need an extra

sweater or a thin down jacket even on the nicest days.

So we made a list of what to bring on our guided mountain hikes:

- We reccomand that you wear a thin and streatcy pair of pants, something thats easy to move in. A t-shirt, and a longsleeve shirt.

-Water and windproof outer layers. Jacket and pants.

-beanie/cap and gloves

-Good hiking boots! We reccomand that you wear

woolen socks, as they will keep you warm even

when you get wet.

- A warm layer to put on when we stop, or if the

temperature is sinking. Down or fleece is

recommanded as they give a lot of heat and

don't take up much space/weight.

- Backpack ( 20/30 liters)

- Water bottle. 0.5 liters is enough as there will

be places to fill up with water on the way.

-Food! We will bring something hot to drink,

fruit and biscuits. But we will be using all our

energy on hiking, so refill of nutrition is important!