Meet our huskies

On our husky hikes you will learn to know our wonderfull Alaskan huskies!

But like many guests that comes to our kennel, you might be wondering how the dogs behave and if they are raw animals with little interest in people..

To answer that, we made a little presentation of our team of dogs!

All our huskies are alaskan huskies, also called husky mix. They are a mix breed of polar dogs like Sibirian huskies, Greenland dogs, Alaskan malamute and so on. The thing that separates Alaskan huskies from other huskies is their geenes from other breeds like greyhound, pointer and other running dogs. This makes them social, loving and exceptionally good "marathon runners". They are great family dogs for active people, and they love hugs and kisses.

Our main leader, Uno!

He is a four year old guy with big brains, muscles and last but not least, a big fluffy heart!

He is a command leader, meaning that he is in front of the dog team when we are dogsledding. He is a very strong guy, and a good parent to our younger dogs. A true leader!


Luna is also a great leader, still young

and learning, but she is a fast learner and comes from a long line of great lead dogs!

She's very independent and easy going.


Kuling is just a little puppy trapped in a 30 kilos big body!

Full of joy and funny moves, he will steal your heart with his puppy eyes and need for attention!

He plays all day long, and that sometimes annoy even our youngest dogs.