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Svartisen to-do list

Svartisen, there are many things to do and see.

Except for our glacierhikes here are some other options:

When you take the boat over from Holandsfjorden, you can also rent a bike on your way. The fee for the boat trip is 180 NOK, and additionaly for renting a bike the whole day only 75 NOK!

So now you are on your bike, and on your way for new adventures.

You should make a stop at the Glacier Cabin to have a nice cup of coffe or just a glimse at the amazing view of the glacier.

There is also a chance to "Kiss a Moose",

witch is supposed to make you irresistable !! You get to feed them, and see them up close with their big antlers and grasious walk.

If you want to stay overnight with a roof above your head you can rent a cabin from the Glacier Cabin, or stay at "Engen Gaard". A really nice and authentic old farm with all facillities.

Utvalgt innlegg